Q: How do I get a Herby Curby® roll cart?

A: Just call us at 519-948-5854 and arrange to rent or buy a roll cart and we will deliver it to your home or business. There is no charge for delivery!

Q: How many bags will fit into a Herby Curby® roll cart?

A: Using standard size garbage bags that measure 26″ by 32″ you can fit approximately:

  • 5 bags in our large 363 litre (96 gallon) roll cart.
  • 3-4 bags in our 242 litre (64 gallon) roll cart.
  • 2-3 bags in our 181 litre (48 gallon) roll cart.

Q: Do I have to use garbage bags in my Herby Curby®?

A: Yes. We ask that you do not place loose garbage in the Herby Curby®. However most of our customers will fill their containers with small bags that they line their waste paper and kitchen garbage cans with. There is no need to use an additional larger garbage bag to put your smaller bags in. This will save you money that you normally would spend on garbage bags!

Q: Can I use my Herby Curby® for yard waste?

A: Please check your Municipality’s garbage & recycling collection calendar. In the City of Windsor your container can be used on yard waste days.  If you don’t have a calendar then contact your municipal office to find out where you can obtain a calendar for your area.

Q: How do I keep my Herby Curby® roll cart clean?

A: To clean: use a garden hose and a brush or sponge and wipe the container. If you have allowed your container to get really dirty & grimy then you should use a degreaser like Fantastic and spray the container and let the degreaser soak in before washing the container with warm water and a sponge.

Q: What happens if someone steals my roll cart?

A: When you call us, we will look up the serial number of your container. We request that you check your neighbourhood because sometimes your container can get mixed up with other containers close by. On occasion, our customers will find their container down the street or alley, so it’s a good idea to look for the container. If you are renting the container from us and cannot find it, you should then call your local police and file a report, Reports can be filed over the phone and online depending on where you live.. DO NOT CALL 911! After filing the report, call us back with the report number and we will deliver another container for you. You will be charged a small restocking fee.

Q: How do I pay for my Herby Curby® roll cart rental?

A: For residential customers, we offer two methods of payment. You can sign up for our automatic payment plan and each month we will debit your bank account for your monthly rental charges. The other alternative is to provide us with a Visa or MasterCard to process your monthly rental charges. You also have the option of paying either quarterly or annually for your rental. At the time of delivery, you will have to provide the deposit on the container(s) rented. This can be done in advance by calling our office and providing a credit card number to cover the deposit or you can pay our driver by debit or credit card. Please note that our driver does not carry, nor will he accept, cash payments.For commercial customers, please contact our office to make credit arrangements if you wish to pay by cheque.

Q: Can I use a Herby Curby® for a business?

A: Yes. A Herby Curby® is approximately a 1/2 cubic yard. We charge half the price of renting a large dumpster. Many of our clients are landlords and operators of rental properties and apartment buildings. Just remember, you must wheel your containers to the curb. City regulations prevent garbage trucks from entering your property.

Q: Can I get a Herby Curby® if I live outside of Windsor?

A: Container rentals are available in Windsor and throughout all of Essex County. Call for details on our service areas.