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We carry repair parts for Herby Curby roll carts.

Items such as the stop bar, wheels and axle are recycled parts.
Lids are normally new, but sometimes recycled lids are available.

For the do-it-yourselfer, parts can be ordered and picked up during regular business hours Monday through Friday.

Please do not bring your container with you as we may not have the equipment or staff to repair them in house. Please give us a call, with your serial number so we can verify we have the proper parts in stock for your container.

All repairs are done on site and are scheduled for when our driver is in your area.

All prices are subject to taxes.

Payment is due on completion of work. Driver will accept Debit, Visa and MasterCard. Driver does not accept cash or cheques and does not carry any cash funds.

If you believe your container was damaged while being emptied contact the contractor or municipality servicing your location.

New Parts

New Lid (All Sizes):$43.00

Recycled Parts

Axel with 2 Wheels (Caps included): $25.00
Stop Bar:

Please contact the office for further information.

We will need to know the make and size of your container to confirm if we have parts available.

Purchased containers:

Roll carts purchased from Herby Curby come with a warranty. Warranty periods vary depending on when you purchased your roll cart. If you do not have the original warranty details, you can contact our office and we can look up your purchase and tell you if it is still under warranty. Please provide or have the serial number of the roll cart available.

Warranty covers your roll cart under normal use for which it is intended. Some conditions that are not covered under the warranty are damage created by animals, damage due to fire and damage due to exceeding load capacity of container. Other exclusions includes damage done by waste and recycling services or damage done by vehicles striking or running over the roll cart.

Rental customers:

Please note that general repairs are included with your rental…  just contact us and provide the serial number of the container requiring repairs and what needs to be fixed.