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Roll carts to make all your Waste and Recycling chores easy and manageable.

What Do Our Carts Deliver?

Tidy, attractive appearance – our roll carts are approved for use in Windsor and throughout Essex County. Best of all, Herby Curby® Rentals come with a Life-Time Full Service Guarantee!
Easy handling and two-wheel manoeuvrability with optimal tilt-to-roll ratio lets anyone move up to 300 lbs. of trash to the curb in one trip!
Rugged hinged-lids that keep animals and birds out of your trash while preventing paper and waste from blowing in the wind
Durable and long-lasting, featuring patented rugged rim, and superior rigidity with extra material in critical wear areas
Large footprint and aerodynamic design that keeps Carts upright in up to 50 mph winds
Specially-sized and labelled roll carts for Waste and Recycling Disposal
Various sizes to choose from depending on your needs

City of Windsor Requirements For Acceptable Containers

Learn More About the Manufacturing of our Carts