Pink Waste Cart (Medium – 64 Gal. / 240 L.)


$15 is donated to the Windsor Cancer Centre Foundation for every pink cart sold.

Duralatch Add-on *

DuralatchThe Duralatch add-on is non-refundable once installed.
We will only refund the price of the container if your order is cancelled.

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Load rating: 101.6kg/224 lbs
Wheel Diameter: 10″

Duralatch, it looks simple because it is. A simple solution to help you keep animals out of your garbage while making it easily accessible when you need to put your trash or recyclables in your Herby Curby. The flexible rubber latching mechanism is designed to automatically release the lid when your cart is dumped by your collection service. Alternatively the collection operator can manually release the latch on pickup day.

Duralatch is best suited to Herby Curby waste disposal carts, particularly if you store your cart outside. Can be installed on all of our carts whether for waste or recycling use.

In the event your lid breaks or is damaged by rodents or squirrels, we can easily re-install the latch on a new lid. Don’t forget that we sell parts for our Herby Curby containers and offer on-site repair services just for the cost of the parts.

Additional information

Weight 15.8757 kg
Dimensions 90.17 × 75.56 × 110.49 cm

We honour Toter LLC’s limited warranty on all Toter roll carts effective January 25, 2016. The 12-year warranty covers the cart body; all other cart components are covered up to 10 years.


The following is a summary of Toter, LLC’s updated limited warranty of its Two-Wheel Cart/Container– Residential Wholesale/Municipal. The complete limited warranty can be found in the Wastequip Terms and Conditions of Sale at:, the terms of which are incorporated herein. If this summary and the complete limited warranty documents conflict, the terms of the complete limited warranty will control.

Toter® Two-Wheel Cart/Container

TOTER, LLC (Toter) warrants its wheeled Container, manufactured and sold by Toter, or by a Toter authorized distributor, to the original purchaser for normal and intended use and service against operational failure caused by proven defective material or workmanship as follows: Rotomolded Container Body only – 12 Years from the date of original purchase; All other components 10 years from the date of original purchase. This warranty equally covers Toter containers molded of either virgin resin or recycled
content plastic materials.

This warranty is expressly limited to any product parts which are proven to Toter’s satisfaction to be defective in material or workmanship under this warranty. Parts determined to be defective by Toter shall be repaired or replaced at Toter’s option. Repaired or replaced parts are warranted for the balance of the original warranty period of the original part. Repair or replacement is the sole remedy available under this warranty and does not extend the warranty beyond the original warranties set forth herein. This warranty is non-transferable.

Specifically excluded from this warranty are labor and installation, damage due to negligent or abusive use, or normal wear and tear, including, but not limited to, those items listed on Schedule A (below). Negligent, abusive, or specifically excluded use of container voids this warranty thereafter. In no event shall Toter be liable for incidental, special, punitive, liquidated, or consequential damages, for loss of product or time, for any delay in performance under this warranty or for claims of customers of purchaser.


Toter Containers are designed for storage, transport, and dumping of normal household residential solid wastes, recyclables, excluding circumstances in which the load rating would be exceeded.

Following are descriptions of several situations where the warranty does not apply. Exclusion is not limited to these situations.

· Scratches – normal use may cause scratches.
· Dirt, including accumulation of dirt or any other substance.
· Normal deterioration during service.
· Normal discolouration due to atmospheric exposure.

· Alteration of the original design, functionality or integrity of the Container
· Cuts or scores from any source.
· Extraordinary impacts such as being hit by a vehicle.
· Burns, scorches, melting, or any damage from excessive heat.
· Improper handling, forcing cart through narrow openings, abrasion from excessive dragging, or cracks caused by improper handling or dumping.
· Damage from automated grasper or semi-automated lifter, including any scratches, creases, cracks or breaks from a maladjusted, incorrectly operated, or improper automated grasper or semi-automated lifter. Includes any semi-automated lift speed faster than ANSI specifications for either the lift cycle or the down cycle.
· Chemicals – being exposed to solvents, petrochemicals, paints, acids, or other chemical substance which damages plastic or metal parts.
· Failure to follow instructions imprinted on cart parts (i.e., exceeding stated maximum load rating.)
· Damage from rodents (squirrels, rats, etc.)