48 / 64 Gallon Cart Liner


Liners are designed to keep your cart clean to help avoid the buildup of any waste materials that may attract rodents

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1.2 MIL black plastic trash liner for 48 to 64 gallon carts. Dimensions are 127 CM  by 122 CM (50 inches by 48 inches). These liners are NOT designed to be manually removed from cart once they contain waste or other materials. They are designed as a liner to keep your cart clean on the inside to help avoid the build up of any waste materials that may attract rodents. During daily use they can be secured in place with the use of our “Bungee Tie Down” (sold separately). On pickup day, release the bag from the Bungee cord and gather the top of the bag inside the cart ready for disposal. At pickup by your local trash service the liner and contents are dumped into the truck. We do not recommend trying to dump the cart’s contents manually as the liner may rip and the contents will drop out either into your cart or on the ground. Most municipalities use mechanical lifts to dump carts.

These liners are NOT recommended for use in recycling carts. Windsor/Essex County does not allow any type of plastic bag in their collection. 



Liners are sold in quantities of 13, 26 and 52 bags.  Depending on your pickup frequency these quantities should accommodate from 3 months of weekly pickup (13 weeks) up to one year (52 pickups).

96 GALLON LINER1 box (13 count)$43.95-
2 boxes (26 count)$42.633%
3 boxes (52 count)$41.316%
4 boxes or more (52 count)$39.5610%
48 / 64 GALLON LINER1 box (13 count)$31.95-
2 boxes (26 count)$30.993%
3 boxes (52 count)$30.036%
4 boxes or more (52 count)$28.7610%

NOTE: Pricing does not include sales taxes and delivery.