Bungee Tie Down


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Our Bungee Tie Down is designed to adapt to all our cart sizes, from the large 96 gallon to our smaller 48 gallon cart.  The cord comes with 2 clips that allow you to attach the cord to the cart handles, then tighten the cord so that it holds the trash liner in place during use.


Liners are sold in quantities of 13, 26 and 52 bags.  Depending on your pickup frequency these quantities should accommodate from 3 months of weekly pickup (13 weeks) up to one year (52 pickups).

96 GALLON LINER1 box (13 count)$43.95-
2 boxes (26 count)$42.633%
3 boxes (52 count)$41.316%
4 boxes or more (52 count)$39.5610%
48 / 64 GALLON LINER1 box (13 count)$31.95-
2 boxes (26 count)$30.993%
3 boxes (52 count)$30.036%
4 boxes or more (52 count)$28.7610%

NOTE: Pricing does not include sales taxes and delivery.